More Than Just a Cosmetic 

Business, Make Customers 

Comfortable Consulting 

With You!

Create Thousands Answer Template

Make your store stand out by providing free-consultation for your customers who are confused about choosing the right product for them. No need to be tired of typing yourself, you can save answer templates for different needs.

Check Shipping Cost Directly from Chat

Shipping cost will help determine your customers buying decision. Like selling on the marketplace, you can also provide various delivery services to your customers who buy through WhatsApp or other chat apps. More options, happier customers!

Check Transaction History & Customer Data

Customer data is an asset. By creating invoices on Selly, transactions and customer data are automatically stored systematically. You can check transaction history and even remind customers to buy again in the future. They will always remember your shop.

Without the need to save contacts, you can 

connect directly with customers.

Customers like to ask how much shipping cost? 

Check directly in the app!

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Selly helps your online store move forward by efficiently managing all your needs towards #JariBebasKeriting. Download now!