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Check Shipping Cost & Order Instant Courier Without Having to Switch Apps

Start from regular, instant, or same day delivery from GoSend to Paxel, check shipping cost from the keyboard to provide easiness for customers in shipping service options.

Answer Customers No Need to Type Manually

"What are the variants, Sis?"; "When will the PO close?"; "Where is the delivery from?" Are you tired of customers asking the same questions? Hold your rage. Using the Auto Text feature from Selly allows you to draft thousands of auto texts compatible with various chat apps or social media.

Send Reminder to Avoid Order Cancellation

Already close POs, but customers haven't paid? Don't let them go! Check unpaid customers and send reminders directly via chat in one click. Remember, one customer who asks is valuable!

Without the need to save contacts, you can 

connect directly with customers.

Customers like to ask how much shipping cost? 

Check directly in the app!

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