Selling Clothes Via WhatsApp Is 

As Easy as With Just One Magic 

Keyboard in the Marketplace.

Save Thousands of Product Details and Send with One Click

Do customers often ask for the size or product details? Save hundreds of products details to customer greetings using the Auto Text feature. It can be used in various chat apps and social media. Replying to customers has become easier!

Check Shipping Cost Directly from Chat

Shipping is determining a customer wants to buy or not. Like selling on the marketplace, you can also provide various delivery services to your customers who buy through WhatsApp or other chat apps. More options, happier customers!

Recap Orders & Send Invoices to Customers Easier

Who likes to ask customers to fill the order format? On Selly, you can automatically copy the form and record the customer data. The order recap is also available right away, and you just have to send it.

Without the need to save contacts, you can 

connect directly with customers.

Customers like to ask how much shipping cost? 

Check directly in the app!

Download Selly

Selly helps your online store move forward by efficiently managing all your needs towards #JariBebasKeriting. Download now!